Piping systems

Design, development, computational assessment and project documentation of all levels for:

  • Welded piping systems of all diameters including instrumentation according to the EN 13480 standard
  • Pressure vessels according to the standards ČSN 690010, EN 13445 and AD 2000Mbl
  • Following the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/ES
  • Pressure and non-pressure devices in the field of power industry
  • Statically and dynamically stressed steel structures within the scope of the EN 1090-1,2 standards up to EXC3 class including

Main areas of interest

  • Thermal networks of primary and secondary systems
  • System transitions to another medium type, e.g., from steam to hot water systems
  • Connections of new steam systems, relaying of the current steam systems, hot water systems

Pipelines and product pipelines

We implement thermal networks in above-ground or underground design either without ducts, using the technology of pre-insulated piping, or in thermal reinforced concrete ducts and collectors. We discuss with the relevant government bodies, legal and natural persons including the overall solution of the coordination of outdoor heating networks with the construction and the current condition of engineering networks.

  • System transitions to another medium type, e.g., from steam to hot water systems, etc.
  • Thermal networks of primary and secondary systems, connections of new steam systems, relaying of the current steam systems
  • Thermal water systems
  • Hot water systems
  • Steam line in the form of a vacuum pipe, so-called „steel in steel “, in which the thermal insulation properties are given by the combination of an insulation layer made of mineral wool and vacuum originated in the space between the inner and outer pipe
  • Thermal water system in the form of pre-insulated pipes with an insulating layer of PUR foam
  • Hot water system made from flexible plastic pipes
  • Typical design – steam and thermal in the heating ducts

High-energy pipelines

  • Central heating in industrial premises
  • Gas boiler rooms up to 25 MW thermal performance
  • Heat exchanger and transfer stations
  • Heating, steam, hot water systems, cooling and compressed air distribution

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