Polymerization ation reactor

The polymerization reactor is used for gas-phase polymerization of a mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons and inert.

  • We supply comprehensive project documentation and type tests pursuant to relevant standards in force . Furthermore, we will arrange production and delivery to the relevant site.
  • We do not offer reactors assembly into technological system at the ordering party, and we do not supply mixer, ampoule crusher and rupture disc.

CHEMIS – Chemical Modes Management Software

The Chemical information system (CHEMIS) is a software application used to control chemical regimes in a power plant.

  • CHEMIS contains a set of optional modules that provide specific functionality you can use in a particular area of application. The solution is designed in the three-tier architecture using a Weblogic application, Oracle database and web browser. The supported browsers are IE11+, Firefox, Chrome, Edge.
  • References in the CR – currently used by ČEZ
    • Dukovany NPP
    • Temelín NPP
  • References in the SR – used by Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.
    • Jaslovské Bohunice NPP
    • Mochovce NPP


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