Sorting of waste and other similar materials + handling with them

CHEMCOMEX offers customer-oriented turn-key solutions in the following areas:

  • Nuclear energy industry
  • Typical energy industry
  • Chemical industry

It is especially related to the following solutions:

  • Treatment of radioactive and hazardous waste
  • Fixation of liquid radioactive waste and fly ash
  • Suggestions and designs for procedures and devices used for waste disposal

Technological units include:

  • Tanks and pressure vessels
  • Technological apparatus
  • Pumps and fittings
  • Steel constructions
  • Measurement and control
  • And more

Seismic reinforcement

  • Preparation of assembly documentation
  • Production, assembly and supply
  • Relevant non-destructive leak tests of hermetic structures
  • Geodetic work
  • Background technical documentation
  • Real-life implementation documentation

Assembly and disassembly

Technical preparation, prefabrication and assembly:

  • Creating quality, inspection, and testing plans
  • Preparation of prefabrication and assembly documentation
  • Comprehensive designs of welding technology
  • Preparation of operational programs and safety regulations
  • Pipes divided up to DN 1000, and up to length of 12 m
  • Bevelling, TZ, firing, drilling
  • Provision of scaffolding

Tests and commissioning:

  • Construction and final tests
  • Production and installation of makeshifts, flushing and blowing
  • Pressure tests up to overpressure 210 bar
  • Pre-complex and complex testing, guarantee measurements and tests

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