Radioactive waste solidification using:

  • Cementation
  • Alkali-activated aluminosilicate matrices into the own ALUSIL® matrix

Treatment of radioactive contaminated water

  • Separation of nuclides below legal levels
  • Concentrate processing

Decontamination of nuclear technologies

  • Methods used for decontamination of the device
  • Machines based on the principle of circulating decontamination agent in the closed circuit – Spiders and Skids
  • Methods using electrochemical or ultrasonic baths

Processes using the skimming of contaminated surfaces are done through:

  • Gels
  • Decontamination foils
  • Electrochemical processes

Decommissioning of nuclear technologies

Decontamination is preceded by the decommissioning of nuclear technologies. In this field, we have extensive experience we can offer to our clients.

  • Water, sludge, ion-exchange resins and concentrate solidification using
  • Cementation
  • In-house developed ALUSIL®matrix

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