Project realization

CHEMCOMEX offers customers comprehensive engineering services associated with the preparation and implementation of constructions for orders such as the construction of industrial and building facilities, installation of technological systems, or repair or supply of subsystems, automation, measurement and power supply.

These activities are:

  • design and engineering work
  • complex supplies of technological and pipeline systems, cogeneration units
  • design, manufacture and installation of piping systems, pressure vessels and steel structures
  • waste processing, including the development of waste and ash processing technology
  • engineering geology, remediation and applied microbiology
  • special construction work and drilling work

Pipe Systems Delivery and Assembly

CHEMCOMEX is a long-term supplier focusing on all types of piping systems which are necessary for power industry. Deliveries are implemented from design via prefabrication to final assembly, and include implementing and construction documentation. The offer includes custom manufacture of piping components, especially transitions, segment elbows, and T and Y fittings in diameters up to DN 1000 made in carbon and also stainless-steel versions.

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Pipe Systems Delivery and Assembly

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